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For the network designer, consultant, component manufacturer or distributor, project installation company, or maintenance vendor, UltiCAM can become your 'vehicle' to position and deliver new or additional products and services.

As an UltiCAM Reseller, your benefits include an easier entry into new accounts, an increased 'win-ratio' of new business, and an enhanced ability to provide a better level of service that strengthens and 'locks-in' your customers long term. Learn how to turn these advantages into opportunities. Review the various services that you, as an UltiCAM Reseller, can offer to your customers.

During the design phase, the most obvious use of UltiCAM is to turn the logical design into a physical mapping. This mapping consists of proposed drop locations, telecom closet and riser placement and capacity, conduit and cable paths, and network device position and connection. Often this mapping is provided in paper-based CAD drawings that limit or don't provide the details associated with the actual connectivity. These may also be expensive and time-consuming to modify and reproduce.

UltiCAM can provide an enhanced level of information plus begin the database documentation that is needed when the project is completed. UltiCAM provides a detailed physical design with connectivity assignments that match device capacity with end-user requirements. Various cable schedules, closet assignments, and device configurations can be generated for review during the design phase. Changes or modifications can be quickly made without replotting CAD drawings. In addition, similar designs can be repeated for new prospects much quicker and easier.

Upon agreement of the design, bill of materials preparation and installation contractor bidding takes place. With the design documentation database provided by UltiCAM, a more complete bid package can be prepared. Exact specifications can be shown graphically as well as detailed reports generated which document the work and materials required and exact installation requirements.

After the selection of the vendor suppliers and cabling contractors, installation management and the documentation of changes is most critical. This is the phase where cost overruns occur, improper connections are made, and the project may become delayed.

UltiCAM will provide documented control over the project and assist in the coordination of the installation. By updating the original design in the UltiCAM database as changes occur, various cabling schedules, closet assignments and drop locations can be revised and reviewed while the project is underway. This will assure direct benefits to your customer and avoid expensive delays and cost overruns. In addition, UltiCAM can automatically provide cable information to the more well known cable labeling software systems.

At the end of each project, 'As-Built' documentation is a normal requirement. For most contractors or project installation companies, this deliverable is often delayed or out of date due to incomplete information. Often the documentation consists of the original CAD design drawings with penciled in updates. This is the best time to document the cable plant and to update.

If UltiCAM has been used during the initial design and project management phases, then the final adjustments to the database are quick and simple. The records can be updated with the last of the change orders and delivered to your customer almost as soon as the project is completed. In addition, results from most hand-held cable testers can be uploaded automatically to UltiCAM saving additional documentation time.

For the vendor that has provided the design or installation management, a natural extension is to provide a maintenance service. This normally consists of work order management and technician scheduling for completing various moves, adds, or changes.

UltiCAM will provide the ability to monitor multiple sites or customers. Even for your smaller customers who may not desire or need the cable management system, UltiCAM will allow the reseller to provide a maintenance service at a reasonable cost.